Fundamental changes are on the horizon in the energy sector. The end of the service life of nuclear power plants calls for the development of diverse, regenerative and decentralized energy technologies, such as geothermal energy, wind and solar technology. Digital tools are being used in more and more areas in order to optimize and stabilize the interplay between energy supply, use and storage.

Hackathons bring together energy experts, analysts, data scientists, programmers, students and interested people from all disciplines to work together with team spirit and enthusiasm on solutions to concrete problems. Take part!

We are happy to announce that after the good experiences and results of the Hackdays since 2019, this year the fourth edition of the Energy Data Hackdays will take place in Brugg with existing and new partners. Committed to tradition.

When: Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17, 2022.

Where: Technopark Aargau in Brugg

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The event moderation and the presentations take place in english

Hauptinformation über die Hackdays auf Deutsch hier:

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Principales informations sur les hackdays en anglais ici:

Informations en français sur les hackdays


Friday, 16.09.2022 Saturday, 17.09.2022 
8.30Welcome Coffee & Croissant08.00Breakfast & Individual start hacking
09.00Opening, Introduction + Keynotes12.00Lunch
09.30Challenge pitching16.00Presentation of your prototypes
10.30Group building17.30Apéro and celebration
11.30Start hacking  
13.30Input Talk (tbc)  
14.00Continue hacking  
19.00Delicious Dinner  
20.00Continue hacking – open end  

Challanges 2022

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You still have open questions? Have a look at our FAQs where we have listed all the important questions and answers:

How much does my participation to the Hackdays costs?

The Hackdays are free of charge thanks to our sponsors and partners. Food (including breakfast), electricity/ basic workplace infrastructure and internet are also provided.

Do I need a project idea or a team to participate?

No, this is possible, but not necessary. At the beginning of the hackathon different project ideas and challenges will be presented. You can work on the project idea that inspires you the most.

Are Hackdays only for developers?

No, the Hackdays are not only for developers, but also for designers, energy specialists, lateral thinkers & makers as well as journalists and programmers.

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Do I have to stay on site for 32 hours?

No, that’s not necessary either. It is important that you contribute to the success of your chosen project and discuss with your team when and where you work.

What is the official language?

English! In the groups, feel free to adapt to your preferences.
You can find the German version of the information here.

What do I need to bring along?

The most important thing: interest in the themes energy and data. Don't forget your laptop. You should also bring pens and possibly a sleeping bag. However, we will provide you with a basic set of materials such as papers, flipcharts, post-it, food and drinks. 

What happens afterwards?

We want the resulting Hackdays projects to have a long-term, sustainable impact. Accordingly, partner organizations and Challenge Owners are happy to continue to support and promote promising projects and results to the best of their abilities.

The discussion about energy also goes on within the Energy Data Working Group. Have a look!

Notice: opensource principle

The challenges and their results are freely accessible and will be published on the homepages of and also BfE (SwissEnergy) after the event. The data used for the elaboration are not included. In the case of companies' own data, these remain with the respective data owners.

We abide by the